Welcome to the world of eccentric music. My research into musical eccentrics started when I joined Circo Teatro Udigrudi as a clown in 1982. This lifetime of practical and academic research has been turned into an interactive website in 2022, during my post-doc at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in London. Udigrudi is a well known Brazilian clown company consisting of musical eccentrics. Musical eccentrics are a branch of the clown tree, a tradition that has its origin in the beginning of performative time. The idea of making fun and music at the same time gave the clowns an important role in creating this history. At some point in history, the comedians that make music or use music as part of their act were called Musical Eccentrics.

The main objective of this website is to build a virtual archive, where Musical Eccentrics can share their practices and ideas. Practitioners, musicians, scholars, clowns, and researchers are invited to help building this website with their own ideas, suggestions, instruments, and acts (numbers, scenes, performances, etc).

This webpage is divided into two main topics: Eccentric Instruments and Eccentric Musicians. Each of these topics has a database full of links related to the topic. Maybe examples of instruments and performers who use music in unconventional ways plus interactive links will inspire you to become a musical eccentric and join this merry band.

Marcelo Beré


Eccentric Musicians

Hermeto Pascoal

Here you will find links to a variety of Eccentric Musicians, from the Swiss clown Grock to the Brazilian clowns of Udigrudi and from a one-man band to a vegetable orchestra.  Some links are commented upon and you are welcome to leave your own observations. Enjoy the world of eccentricity in music and be inspired to become an eccentric musician and join the band.


Eccentric Instruments

For at least 50,000 years humankind has been inventing a variety of musical instruments. The instruments were different from other tools because they were created to make musical sounds. Some say that the first musical instruments followed the singing rituals of the past or were made to attractprey. Nowadays people are still creating new ways of transforming sources of sound into musical instruments. Here you will find links to videos of a variety of musical instruments some of which will teach you how to build your own eccentric instruments.


Get in Touch

Are you a musical eccentric? Do you make musical instruments from everyday objects? Are you a performer of eccentric music? Then we want to hear from you. Please get in in touch with a video link and we could feature it on the site.